These LTDL cyclists were too fast for my camera.However, I managed to capture, albeit blurred.I just got my first DSLR and did not have a clue on how to get blurry images.I asked a few experienced photographers and these are my best captures more than a decade ago!

Back to the present time, when I got my new Fujifilm X-T1, I began to put extra efforts to learn how to use a good camera.Below are some shots that I love to share.
Blurred background
All blurred.

Motion blurring as I took this photo using my smartphone camera Note5 while I was on a moving train from KLCC to Pasar Seni.

Low light condition.So I turned the photo into a  work of arts, hopefully.


Let me share a few photos of waterfalls and water cascades to simulate the real waterfall.The real one is the last photo where I took at Broga after our group cycling up the hill.The top is at KLCC Garden where people can take bath and kids can swim.The water cascades are just part of the landscape.
Masjid As Syakirin
Masjid Besi

Merdeka Padang,KL

Bird Park,KL

Broga Waterfalls



Gamelan Musicals at Suria KLCC


Minaret Masjd Putra

I visited this masjid a few dozens of times in the last eight years but only took the photo of this minaret standing tall on its own only last week.It is 116 metres tall and very high by Malaysian standard.On retuning home and while doing the editing, I was wondering what the architect meant by this solid and towering structure.
IMHO,this tall minaret is the iconic symbol of Tauhid,the Oneness of Allah.Tauhid stands tall and towering above anything else.


You may disagree with me but this is how I feel.To me, a landscape photo should not ONLY  be in landscape format.It depends on the photo. Just like a Chinese lady can look better in baju kurung!
Shapes are personal to the individual beholder.

Likewise with size-some likes it small, and others like it big.

This is why I like photography.No experts can say I have a wrong photo.I am always right in my own way.


Last year,in June 2016 I wrote about how I came to like and dislike Street Photography after being on the streets for two years.Another year has passed by since then.What is more interesting for this musing is about my recent visit to Netherlands and London.For this posting, I will talk more about my street photography in Netherlands and Malaysia.

All the above photos were taken during my cycling tour of Holland in the middle of May,2017.When it comes to taking street photography,I was overwhelmed by the numbers of people cycling on the streets.I can even take photos of Dutch people cycling even at 2am.Most of my days in Holland were sunny and the temperature was around 15C.I was spoilt for choice.There were so much to shoot.Cycling is part of their culture but to me it is still special.I live in Bangi where I hardly see few Malaysians cycling to work or doing their errands except for a few foreign workers.At the same time, I saw a lot of people walking and the sidewalk cafes were full…